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EDIZIONI GOLD, based in Milan, is a publishing house specialised in magazines and books regarding the goldsmith and jewellery field. For over thirty years, it has been one of the jewellery sector’s most important editorial references in Italy and around the world.
In its periodicals division, it issues 18 KARATI GOLD&FASHION, which is published every two months, 18 KARATI EXPORT which is published twice a year and 18 KARATI VALENZA JEWELS, dedicated to the jewellery production of the famous district of Valenza.
EDIZIONI GOLD handles directly the circulation of its magazines at a national and international level, distributing them through promotional distribution, subscriptions and newsagents and at the major trade exhibitions.
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18 Karati Gold&Fashion is a bi-monthly magazine with texts in Italian and English. Founded in 1971, 18 Karati continues to be the most important editorial magazine for what is one of the cornerstones of the export industry, i.e. the jewellery sector. With its photographs and contents, it gives the sector valid and prestigious support, contributing to strengthen its leadership on the global economic stage.
18 Karati Export is published twice a year in January and June. It is distributed to the main international wholesalers and importers, for whom it has become an essential tool for work and consultation, giving them the opportunity to make new and interesting business contacts with international manufacturers of jewellery, goldsmiths, silversmiths and related. The magazine is published in English.
The magazines has established itself over time thanks to a widespread and rooted national network through promotional distribution, subscriptions, sales in newsagents, participation in jewellery fairs. The magazines also reaches, through targeted re-mailing, foreign countries of prime interest for jewellery exports. Global buyers, distributors, department stores and wholesalers. From Dakar to New York, from Algiers to Moscow, from Johannesburg to Dubai, we are present in more than 115 nations.
Spreading the internet, mobile role, using tablet and smartphone have profoundly changed our lifestyle, including our way of informing us. In addition to the ever-important paper distribution, 18 Karati develops an online version of the magazine for each release, which can be viewed and "shared" at any time from fixed and mobile platforms with just a click.
In the BOOK division, Edizioni Gold issues a collection of volumes that deal with a variety of subjects and themes like jewellery design, goldsmith technology, gemmology, watch-making and so on. For more information and order visit our store on amazon.it or write to: info@18karati.net